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Welcome - FAQ
Written by espressodoppio   
Monday, 20 April 2009 02:14

Q:  Is this a haven for the TS/TG/TV communities?  What about men seeking breast implants?

A:  Unfortunately, not so much.  This site is primarily for women interested in going bigger, and to a lesser extent, a resource for men seeking information for their wives/girlfriends.  Good or bad, perceptions can go a long way to shaping and moulding a site.  Feel free to link to this site from other communities, feel free to register, feel free to post relevant info.  If you register, please choose a nickname which is not obviously suggestive as being part of the TS/TG/TV communities or a male seeking implants for himself.  If you post, do so with consideration for this site's community objectives, not your own.  If your posts are considered to be inconsistent with this, they will be edited or removed.  If you are seen to be pressing your own agenda, you will be shown the door.  This might not seem fair; we've chosen which flowers we want to grow in our garden, if you don't like it, feel free to start your own garden elsewhere.

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