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If you're looking to interact with like-minded individuals, here are some forums you might want to consider.  Note:  If you go to one of the popular women's sites, be mindful that some might not be entirely receptive to any notion of unusually large implants.  That said, they do offer quite a bit of helpful support.
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1   Link   JustBreastImplants.com
Sub-forum focusing on larger implants.
2   Link   ImplantInfo discussions
The discussion areas over on the ImplantInfo site. ImplantInfo is arguably the first site with a theme towards helping women interested in breast augmentation surgery.
3   Link   Implant Forum
4   Link   Silicone Sisters
Auf Deutsch.
5   Link   Neuer Mensch
Das Info-Portal für Schönheitsoperationen.
6   Link   BEA Real World Breast Enlargement
The forum at the BEA Breast Expansion Archive) with discussions regarding larger implants. Check out the Real World section for discussions around breast augmentations, and check out the Morph Requests section if you're interested in seeing what a bustier version of yourself might look like. Some very talented artists there, and some are very willing to do so privately (via e-mail exchange).
7   Link   The Perfect Boobs
A forum with a heavy bias towards breast augmentation, although not exclusively so.
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