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Dr Johnson's e-mail regarding string implants
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Wednesday, 27 May 2009 02:38
The following is allegedly the edited text of an e-mail sent by Dr Johnson to the moderator of a Yahoo group, below. The original reference to this can be found here. The date of this e-mail is unknown, although based on the BEA post, it appears to have been written on or before Nov 30 2001.

As you know, I have experience with the very large implants - Minka and Chelsea Charms are my patients. Obviously, there are other doctors who can do or have done the large breast surgeries, however, I do not know who they are. I would not recommend that you refer any of your friends who want to be big breasted to doctors outside the USA.

For over over 3000cc implants (saline only - no silicone), contact Lynn Sailey and tell him I referred you: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ---

The size implant a woman can accept depends on her size. A large woman could hold a much larger volume on her chest than a woman who wears a size 2 dress. The important factor is --- the proportion between the total volume of the girl's natural breasts + the size of the implant in relation to the size of her chest --- A 100 lb girl with 1000cc implants will have breasts that are twice proportionally, that is, 2x the size as a 200 lb girl with the same implants (if they are both flat chested).

If you wear a 32 bra, each cup size is approximately 130cc. If you are an 32 A cup already, to increase to a C cup would be: 2 x 130cc = 260cc for each implant. For a 34 bra size, each additional cup size is approximately 150cc. For a 36 bra size, each cup size is 175. For a 38 bra, each cup size is 200cc. If you need to know more about estimating the size you need, please contact me. The very large implants used by girls in the adult entertainment business are no longer available in the USA. From my 28 years of experience, for a girl who has never had implants, I can insert a 400cc to 700cc implant. If the girl already has fairly large breasts or a lot of extra skin in her breasts, maybe up to 1500ccs. Second operation, we could go 1300ccs to 1800ccs, then in 3 to 6 months - 2000ccs to 2500ccs.

Large silicone/saline or saline implants can be obtained from France that you can pay US customs on. It is necessary when you have large implants put in to buy. It is necessary when you are having very large implants to purchase a spare in case one is accidentally damaged. On a first procedure, I have put in a 1500cc going through the belly button - a surgery I have performed many times. I will not put in a foreign implant unless the patient can show me proof that the duty (tax) has been paid.

If you are interested in very large foreign implants, call Robin at 1-800-593-0011 or 713-960-9334 and she can give you the information to contact the factory to order the size you want. As I recall, these implants cost $500 to $700 each. If your ultimate goal is to have 2000cc plus, I suggest a moderate profile round implant - 1800ccs.

My fee for a virgin breast surgery (no implants) is $3,500 and does not include the cost of the implants. If you already have implants in place, my fee would range from $4,000 to $5,000, but I need an office visit to know for sure. For 2nd, 3rd or more procedures, the cost depends on the time to do them. For surgery particulars (drugs used for sedation, etc.) please contact me.

PPP Implants

I have personally placed a moratorium on augmenting, re-augmenting, or replacing existing implants with the PPP string until a reliable breast implant manufacturer is willing to commit to working with me on their development, production and FDA approval.

I hesitate to call this material new, because it has been used for 35 years in surgery. If you want to inform yourself about the PPP material, click on the link: http://www.davol.com/mesh.htm. It is presently the least reactive of all foreign implant materials, save for stainless steel - and it doesn't make very good breast implants!!!

To read material about these new implants that I have presented, click on this link: http://www.certified-plastic-surg.com/publicatl.htm. We have done 60 patients with this new implant and continue to track any complications. All surgeries have a possibility of complications, but with this new implant material we have had very few problems. We are working toward FDA approval and it is only a matter of time.

We have not had any true spherical capsular contractures as would be seen with a silicone or saline implant. There are varying degrees of firmness just as in natural breasts. When the string implants are inserted, they are firm. At the time of the surgery, we inject saline into the pocket after we have the breasts closed "water tight". The saline is absorbed by the body and in time the body replaces the saline with its own serum. The more serum your body produces, the softer the breasts feel...however, if not enough serum is formed, we can inject saline into the new pocket. The implants take the shape of their container, which is the breast-skin envelope of the patient. As for their "feel", most physicians could not tell the difference between the string augmented breasts and an un-augmented breast. The procedure for augmentation with the string is different though similar to other augmentations in that a pocket is created. I use a tissue expander/dissector to create the pocket because the tissue expander/dissector can be done with a very small incision. Chances of a hematoma formation is 20 times LESS likely than with other techniques and chances of nipple sensation loss is one percent versus 15-30 percent with other techniques. I prefer to place the implant ABOVE the muscle - that's is where NATURE put your breast tissue. I will only perform sub-muscular placement in unusual circumstances. When they are normal, these string implants feel more like the real thing than any other type of implant (except fat) and I've done breast implants on over 10,000 patients since 1972. Forty of the string implant patients had previous silicone or saline implants with complications. EVERY patient stated the string implants felt more like a part of them then their previous implants had.

When the time comes that I am ready to accept new string patients, I probably will not accept everyone as a patient for string implant surgery. An office visit is best. It is difficult to consult over the phone or through email. If you are really interested, please call our office at 1-800-593-0011 or 1-713-960-9334. My email is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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